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About Us

Taylor Made Blinds & Shades is a small business owned and operated by Hugh and Lisa Taylor.  The Taylors moved to Galveston, Texas in 2023 and quickly jumped into re-establishing their business here.   


    Hugh has been in the window covering business for over 32 years in several different capacities.  He started in 1991 as a Mr. Miniblind franchisee. He left the franchise system and continued as an independent business owner covering the West Tennessee territory. He also worked for 2 manufacturers of window coverings, as an outside sales representative covering parts of Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Lisa’s background is in healthcare finance and administration.  Now we are working as a team!


   Since 1991, we have offered quality custom window coverings to residential and commercial customers. Taylor Made brings the store to the customer so they can make their decisions in the comfort of their own home.  To keep our overhead costs low, we do not have a storefront or showroom saving the prospect time and money.


   We treat our prospective customers the same way we would like to be treated and pride ourselves on a high level of customer service. We do not insult the prospect by pressuring them or telling them that our price is only good if they buy from us today. We do let our prospects know when price increases are coming, but we do not use that as a deceptive closing tactic. Honesty is what we have built this business on over the years and it has allowed us to build a great referral base. If we can't help you, we will tell you that we can't and help find someone that can. We will always adhere to a high degree of ethics in our business relationships.

   We have worked with a number of suppliers over the years and hold them accountable to the highest standards.  We strive to offer great value to our customers. Often times we compete against the big box retailers. There is a misconception that their prices are better. That is not the case. Apples to apples we can beat their prices. On top of that, we offer one on one service to meet the specific needs of our prospects. The only way the big box stores beat our prices is on their stock products on the shelves. We have all used those products for reasons of a limited budget. But they are only temporary and will have to be replaced again and again because they are made with cheap components. If you work with us, we will do everything we can do to work within your budget to get you the best products at the best prices delivered in a reasonable time. If you want to do your home in phases, we can break it down to what works best for you.

Whatever your needs are, you can have the timeless style and beauty of custom shutters, blinds, or shades in your home measured and installed within weeks, not months.

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